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The Wonderful World of KWAK


Hands down one of our favourite projects of 2022! We had the privilege of working on this fantastical TVC for Kwak beer with our fellow Bristolians, Epoch.

Epoch came to us with the campaign in full flow having already done a rebrand for the client. They created three characters for the three main flavours of beer: Amber, Blonde and Rouge. So the obvious next step was to bring it all top life in a wacky and wonderful animated TVC.

As is so often the case, time was of the essence. Creative was still being developed and none of the beautiful illustrations were ready when we started animating, but we had a deadline to hit. Our approach was to animate the entire ad using rough, hand-drawn placeholders and then to adapt and evolve it as the creative developed. We were drip-fed the illustrations and before long thing were beginning to take shape. We couldn’t be prouder of the final result.

There were two main versions of this piece; one in French and one in Dutch. We also delivered 6 second and 15 second versions alongside the main 30s versions - phew!

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