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Reebok Socials


Another one with IMA Home, it was a real treat to work on this Social Media campaign for Reebok.

Shout-out to our very own Adam Dedman for his expertise in designing and animating this one, almost single-handedly! We were given assets, a brief and some references but the rest was up to us. It was fun playing with the retro photographic contact sheet aesthetic, and the frame-rate treatment to give it that stop motion vibe.

The deliverables for this one were a beast too; with 2 versions for each of the 3 products, all in 7 different shapes and sizes... that's 42 individual deliverables, folks (pretty standard, actually).

This kind of project is our bread-and-butter, but it's hard to post for various reasons. Most of the time it's due to permissions because the campaign is live or not out yet, and then by the time we can post it things have moved on or we've just forgotten... But we love this kind of thing!

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