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Stop-Motion Never FELT So Good

We were approached by our good friend Greg and the chaps at Rend Co Kids to make a music video for their brand new song, 'King of Me' from their album, 'Sparkle Pop Rampage'.

Sunday school at Church is known for it's fun-but-cheesy, hand-made felt banners (at least it was when we were kids), so we loved the idea of using that same beloved felt to create the characters, objects and backgrounds for this music video... and then to shoot it frame-by-frame in stop motion.

Here's a look behind the scenes:

As with most of our stop motion projects it was a massive undertaking. We gathered the wider Sons of Graham team and got to work designing, storyboarding, illustrating, fabricating, building, animating and compositing this baby into existence.

We'd like to thank: Sophie Marsh, Helena Houghton, Kendra Stout, Jules Webb and Sophia Salt for helping us build and animate this music video. We really couldn't have done it without you!

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