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Getting Our Hands Dirty

Last year we took on quite the challenge — a stop motion music video using actual ash! Here's a behind the scenes look at the process:

... As you might be able to tell from Stef's hair growth alone, this project took a LONG time! A real labour of love. But we don't do these projects for the money; it's just nice to get physical, free ourselves from the shackles of our machines and to really get our hands dirty.

One of the best things about making this music video was the community that formed in the process. We called on old friends and made new ones in order to get it finished in time, and it was all the better for it. The Sons of Graham studio was a crowded, bustling hive of ash-stained, happy faces for a while and we loved every minute of it!

We'd like to give a special thanks to: Becka Kingston, Jules Webb, Jess Hearth, Julia Vaccina, Harry Burbidge, Cilian DuBock, Nigel Smith, Eve Bannister, Issac Jordan, Georgie Ball, Kendra Stout, Ellie Walsh & Tiffany Tong for giving your time and talent to this epic project.

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