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From Our Bedrooms to Broadcast

Hello from a creative studio, now based in three separate flats across Bristol!

Since lockdown, our newly implemented morning Zooms have been the virtual team group huddle we’ve all needed. It keeps us focussed and directional. Who knew Zoom would be such an integral part of lives and our business? We certainly didn’t.. I’m not even sure I knew what Zoom was before all this..

Also, we now think the social chat at work is as important (if not more..) than the business chat. It’s what’s been keeping us sane. Right now hearing who’s managed to master home baked sourdough and why Disney’s The Mandalorian is a groundbreaking gem, is what literally gets me out of bed in the morning. Not to mention discussing the state the world, some much needed processing in these weird and interesting times.

Like many, it was never our goal to set up shop in our own homes but here we all are! And you know what, yes ..we’ve had a few technical problems, but on the whole it’s not been bad, the wheels haven’t fallen off and our little world keeps turning.

In fact, we're very proud of what we’ve managed to achieve together in these separated, walled boxes we call homes across Bristol. We recently worked with McCann Bristol to produce the first ever TV commercial for Pink Lady® Apples and an online social campaign — a match made in juicy heaven. The team have worked hard to pull this technical and bizarre piece of animation off. With much motion tracking, tongue wagging tests and eye bulging debates we have finished! We can stand back proud.. whilst munching on our pink lady apples.

As a creative team we look forward to a day where we can see one another again, breathe terrible coffee breath on each other and dare to share a packet of crisps.. as long as they’re not cheese and onion please.

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