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T'es Rein Terrien


'T'es Rien Terrien' is a song from Aslane's 2019 Album, 'Des Cendres et de Lor' (Ashes & Gold). The title literally means, 'You are insignificant, little earthling' and is a play on words as,' T'es Rien' (You are insignificant) sounds just like, 'Terrien' (Little earthling).

It's a folk song written from the perspective of an ancient tree, quietly observing and pondering human life as it watches civilisations rise and fall.

Taking inspiration from the Album title and the theme of the song we got excited about doing a stop motion music video using actual ash! As you might imagine it was a huge undertaking with more than a few technical challenges, but we're super proud of the end result and we had a lot of fun literally getting our hands (and our studio) dirty.

One of the best things about this project was gathering such a great team to get it done. We made two stop motion rigs and set them up side-by-side with everyone taking a turn to do their bit.

Check out the behind the scenes video on our blog!

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