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JD NYC Store takeovers


Over the years we've worked with IMA Home on loads of Adidas campaigns. Some of the biggest and most complex have been the store takeovers for the JD Sports flagship store in Times Square, New York.

For each of these campaigns we had to design and deliver content to go on screens of all shapes and sizes around the multi-storey store. Some of the screens were HUGE, most notably the exterior screens of the store in the famous Times Square. Inside the store there are huge 'portal' screens on the escalators (one screen on each wall and one on the ceiling to form a massive doorway). We also had to design content to appear behind men and women's footwear and apparel, in front and behind kiosks, on podiums for shoes and more.

On the top floor of the store is the 'Makerlab' section. This is where members of the public are encouraged to design their own customisations for footwear and apparel, so promoted that on many of the screens, signposting so that customers could find their way.

We love the creative and technical challenge of these projects; from making beautiful, seamless content to delivering complex files that work flawlessly with the store system.

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