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Parmenion's Affinity partnership is an exclusive offering for selected adviser firms to give them more freedom and control when it comes to investment decisions.

We love the challenge of trying to visualise an abstract, complex and highly specialised message. With all the work we've done for Parmenion we've doubled down on the visual metaphors to make the animations as epic, playful, beautiful and engaging as possible. This one was no exception, with a boat speeding towards the sunset only to transform into a rocket and launch into space! Investment solutions have never looked so good.

This piece starts and ends with a shape Sudoku; a simple one at the start and a more complex one at the end to communicate, 'taking it to the next level'. It was fun designing the Sudoku, I'm not sure if anyone's done it yet but the one at the end is incomplete but solvable... fancy giving it a go?

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